Oct 23, 2008

Post-announcement article

Massively - Oct 23rd 2008 :
The Old Republic Unveiled: Overview, space combat, and Star Wars Galaxies
Quote : "Massively and the Joystiq network had a man on the ground at Tuesday's unveiling of Star Wars: The Old Republic. We sorted the chaff from the wheat, and now we are prepared to offer up to you a series of post outlining everything there is to know about BioWare's newest game. To start with, we have a high level overview to kick us off. Join us below the cut to get some insider information on why BioWare is making the game, the four pillars of BioWare storytelling, what little they can tell us about space combat and vehicles, and .. perhaps most interesting ... an affirmation of LucasArts's commitment to Star Wars Galaxies. "

GameSpy - Oct 21st 2008 :
LucasArts Press Conference
Quote : "We're currently sitting in the large theater at LucasArts' Bay Area studios, where we've been promised the announcement of a game that's been rumored for a long time. Being developed by BioWare, we've long expected a new title in the Knights of the Old Republic universe, but exactly what form it will take... we're about to find out."

Tentonhammer.com -
Exclusive SWTOR Design Q&A - Lightsabers, The Force, and Space Combat
What kind of level cap do you have in mind?

James Ohlen: We are going to have a level based system, and we are going to have a level cap, When we know what that is we'll share it with you.

Gordon Walton: There are a lot of thing that we aren't going to be able to share with you simply because they're still in development. BioWare games go through a lot of iteration before we ever settle on something.

We'd rather give you real information than blow smoke up your....whatever. When we share something with the community, we've played through that part of the game enough that we're confident that it's going to be in the final game.

We're really, really committed to no overhyping the game.

Rich Vogel: It's BioWare and it's Star Wars. Overhyping the game could be very easily done. We want to make sure we meet the expectations of the game.

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