Oct 19, 2007

Anonymous source close from Bioware says the game will be about KOTOR

From a Primotech article :
A source close to BioWare confirmed to us today that the studio’s upcoming untitled massively-multiplayer online RPG will be centered around the Star Wars universe, specifically that of Knights of the Old Republic, which the developer released in 2003. The game garnered critical acclaim and spawned a less-popular sequel, released by Obsidian two years later.

The game is being developed by the company’s Austin studio, formed in 2006 and headed by BioWare Creative Director James Ohlen, whose past credits include the first KOTOR, Neverwinter Nights, and Baldur Gate’s I and II.
> Source : BioWare’s Upcoming MMO Based in KOTOR Universe - Primotech - October 19th 2007

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