Oct 9, 2007

Job ads from Bioware website contain some clues

Having a look at the job ads at Bioware Austin Studios website, for people to work on the MMORPG projetc, we can find some clues in both direction.

Clues for a non Star Wars MMO, but rather a fantasy game :
- Writer job ad : "Familiarity with the fantasy genre and role-playing games is a must."
- Visual Effect Designer job ad : "Successful candidates will be able to research, conceptualize, and animate natural effects (water, smoke, foliage, dust, fabric); as well as fantastical effects (spells, explosions, powers, etc.). You must have an interest in fantasy."

Clue for a Star Wars MMO :
- Cconceptual Artist job ad : "Interested applicants may forward their resume and submit a 2D portfolio. Please include samples from at least three of the following categories: Environment - Architecture, Interior architecture, Character/Costume design, Creature design, Vehicles and technology, Props, items, objects"

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